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Blog post | Appy Christmas

The most exciting evening of the year; Christmas Eve.

Children are laying out the mince pies and carrots, watching out the window for a glimpse of Santa, mum is frantically putting crosses in enough brussel sprouts to feed an army and the dads are stoking the fire whilst drinking a lot of sherry.

It’s a very busy time for every family in the world, but what is Christmas Eve like in the North Pole?

For the last 364 days, the elves have been frantically building toys and wrapping, the reindeers have been training to achieve a PB, Mrs Claus has been baking cookies and tailoring Santa’s new suit and the man himself, has been busy preparing the sleigh. Or at least that’s how ‘Santa Claus The Movie’ portrays the situation.

However, now in 2017, with technology at everyone’s finger tips, is this really how the North Pole still operates? Let’s take a look in the animation below….