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Blog post | Hiring an SEO company

You’ve launched a great new website and now you’d like people to see it, correct? Time for some search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that builds your brand, increases visitors and keeps you at the top of Google (or Bing if you’re that way inclined) for your key search terms.

Now, how many times a week do you get an introductory email or call from a SEO company stating that they have analysed your website and can guarantee that they can get you on the first page of Google within one to two weeks? If you’re like us, then a lot. So can they really achieve this?

Firstly, they don’t even know what the main search term is that you’re wanting to target, so how can they guarantee a page one ranking? Sure, they may be able to guarantee to get you on the first page for a really obscure search term that very few will search but is that really what you’re after?

Your website is your online shop front and you need to use clean SEO techniques, you don’t want to be obtaining Google penalties.

We have gained clients that unfortunately have fallen for this trap. ‘For only £299 per month we will do all your search engine optimisation and get you to number one’. Most of the time, they did appear at the top for a very short period of time, before either starting to slip down or worse still, getting blocked from Google for cheating. The classic saying that if something appears too good to be true – with SEO companies – it usually is.

To prevent yourself falling for these methods, here’s a few tips we have compiled:

Know the basics – Try and arm yourself with a bit of background knowledge of how optimisation works so that you can ask the relevant questions. You don’t need to be an expert but an idea of the best practices will help you smell out a rat. Some basic reading to get you started :-) Get started

Ask for proof – Ask for testimonials and reviews that the company have received and case studies of existing, not previous, SEO results.

How is their own site ranking? – If they are not appearing at the top of Google for their own search terms are they really going to get you to the top?

Be wary of anyone that sends you an email of out the blue and guarantees a number one spot (unless they are Google, they can’t do this) or are secretive about their techniques.

SEO requires a long-term plan and strategy and you need to build a relationship with a firm that cares about what it does.

It’s not about getting instant results; it takes patience and persistence to generate leads from people with a genuine interest in your services and the main way to achieve that is to have strong content and a good solid development, not hundreds of purchased back links.

Having a company that has a real interest in your services and helping you achieve a good strong search engine position will work with you over a period of time, constantly reviewing whether you require on page or off page optimisation, ensuring that you only spend what is required, rather than a fixed price each month regardless of what work is carried out.

As with most digital and development projects, you get what you pay for when hiring an SEO company. Don’t fall into the trap of hiring a cowboy and damaging the brand reputation that you have worked so hard for.